Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vancouver Trip in 1 Day

A friend of mine, Darwin, and his coworker, Ivonne, are visiting from Singapore. We are high school classmates and we haven't met since 2002. In fact, he is the guy who manages to drag me into the world of geek :) Anyway, we only have one day to explore Vancouver and its surrounding.

I start the tour by bringing them to Whistler. On the way to Whistler, we stop at Shanon Falls.

Shanon Falls (not the main waterfall)

Last weekend, Whistler is very crowded due to some kind of off-road biking event. Instead of walking around the village, we take the Gondola right away to the peak. This is also my first time going to Whistler's peak after living in Canada for almost 10 years. The view is amazing even though the noon light is kind of harsh.

The Peak at Whistler

Olympic 2010 Logo
("It is called Ilanaaq which is the Inuktitut word for friend")

Posing at the peak

On the way back to Vancouver, we stop at Horseshoe Bay to eat at the unique Yaya's Oyster Bar. They have 6 different styles of baked Oysters.

Horshoe Bay

From Horseshoe Bay, we head down to Stanley Park by crossing Lions Gate Bridge.

View of Vancouver Downtown from Stanley Park

Lighthouse at Stanley Park

View from Stanley Park's Prospect Point

Our last destination is Science World at Main Street. It is closed already, but we can get a nice after sunset view of Yaletown from there.

Experimenting with wireless fill in flash

Science World at Main Street

It is tiring day but it is also the fun one. I learn a lot of new things from our geeky conversation in this trip :) Some places we miss due to lack of time are as follow, Robson St, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Londsdale Quay, and Grouse Mountain.


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