Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last Sunday, we planned to go for day trip to Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba. However, for some reasons, we need to cancel the plan. Hence, we decided to go to Limbung for lunch. There are a lot of fish pools surrounding the resturant, which make it pretty unique. People can fish while waiting for their order.

Our orders

Tempe Bacem

Tumis Pariah

Gurami Rica-Rica

Gurami covered by Mangoes

Deep Fried Small Fish (crunchy and taste good)

After eating, we relaxed, slept, then took pictures before heading home.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kodingareng Keke

On the recent presidential election day, Indonesian government decided make the day to be a public holiday. So, we got nothing to do at home and decided to take a short trip to Kodingareng Keke Island, it's only about 14km from Makassar. We then head down to sea port close to Gapura Hotel. We rent a boat for Rp. 550.000, and it could carry 10 persons.


The boat

Leaving the seaport, going to Lae-Lae Island
to purchase gas for the boat enginee

Following is our trip route plotted on Google Earth. I wrote simple application to do location logging on my Android G1. For some reasons, the island is not shown in the satellite photo.

Kodingareng Trip Route

Our stop at Lae-Lae is almost not viawable on the map. Lae-Lae is small island close to Makassar, it's only about 1.5km from Makassar. There are some people permanently live on the island.


Samalona Island (~ 7km from Makassar)

We almost arrived at Kodingareng Keke

Water is crystal clear with a lot of coral reef,
perfect for snorkeling or diving but probably not for swimming

Waves were getting bigger and it's time to go home

We need to go around the island in order to travel back to Makassar due to the big waves

Last picture I took before being hit by big waves (~ 1.5m),
my camera was wet, luckily it's weatherproof :)

We arrived safely at Makassar, our trip back from Kodingareng was surely interesting, going through 1.5m tall waves.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Losari Beach

After going back from work, it's always nice to know that Losari beach is just couple minutes away from home, place to go to refresh my mind.

Lot of couples go there to enjoy sunset, wish my wife is here with me

Losari Beach