Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garage Sale

Our town house complex are having garage sale event yesterday. We have a lot of stuffs that we don't need anymore or we want to sell them. So, we join the event by setting up table in front of our house.

I put humongous 20" Sony G500 Monitor (it used to be expensive monitor in its time), cheap MS Keyboard, and bunch of my old digital memory in various forms (i.e. Memory Stick, Compact Flash, and MMC). Their capacities are relatively small, 128MB - 512MB. Oliv and Yuli put kids toys and books. Most of our customers are kids, so Yuli's stuffs are highly in demand :)

However, waiting for customers is boring ... so the girls start playing with soap bubbles.

I get bored as well and start to shoot random things ...


House Template




It is a very hot day, and we start packing after sitting there for ~ 2 hours :)

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