Friday, March 28, 2008

Vancouver to Jakarta

I left Vancouver about two days ago, I am going back to Indonesia to prepare for my wedding which will be held on May 3, 2008. It`s kind of sad, because I will be separated with my soon-to-be-wife for 3 weeks. Hope time flies really fast. Following is picture I took while waiting for boarding.

Vancouver Airport Gate

My friend told me that YVR Airport now has FREE WiFi, and yes, it`s true. I managed to check in some of my code as well as doing email/MSN.

Cabin Light

For this trip, I took Cathay Pacific. It's my first time to take this airline and it's also my first to visit Hongkong's airport. The airport also offers FREE WiFi.

Hongkong Airport Gate

Before I left Hongkong airport, I manage to try one of the restaurant at the Food Court, it`s called Ajisen Ramen. I choose a combo Ramen with BBQ Pork and Boneless Fried Chicken. It cost about US$8. The ramen`s soup is really good except the noodle seems to be overcooked (i.e. it`s too soft for my taste). The fried chicken is ok, I have tried better fried chicken at some of Taiwanese Restaurant in Vancouver.

Store Logo

Ramen with BBQ Pork

Boneless Fried Chicken

The total trip time is almost 20 hours including transit time. I was so tired by the time I arrived at Jakarta. Moreover, I need to deal with Indonesian customs, because I brought a lot of new PSP and Nintendo DS with me. The deal is done in usual way, which didn't take a lot of time. I still don't feel good about the way it's done though.

By the way, I have finalized my wedding site and it now can be accessed at

Christian & Olivia Wedding Site

Hope you can visit our site and don't forget to leave us a note! :)

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