Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Android 1.6 Image for Android Developer Phone

HTC finally released Android 1.6 image for Android Developer Phone, available here.

I have upgraded my phone and now it's running Donut.

I haven't check all the features yet. One thing I noticed is that the camera/camcorder app has new user interface and it's faster compare to previous versions.

I also noticed in Settings, Speech Synthesis is added as part of the Settings items. However, it lacks of Indonesian language. So far I have been using Eyes-Free for performing TTS on my application. Their packs include Indonesian as one of the available languages. I am not sure why Google did not include Indonesian in 1.6, since the TTS service in 1.6 is basically derived from Eyes-Free project.

That's it, I will start playing with new gesture recognition feature added in 1.6.

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