Friday, May 29, 2009

Ichtus Valentine 2009

Valentine 2009 flew by in a blur. When it was here, though, we spent the day with Ichtus Youth Fellowship, playing games and eating yummy dinner.

"Can you hear me? Can you hear me?"

"Ahh... that sounds like a good idea"

"Test one-two-three.."

"There are lots of statics -- Can you repeat that?"

Is anyone at the other end of the line?




Can you keep a secret?

Sundoro and his magic flying cup

Operator, I think the phone's broken

Valentine is not Valentine without games for couples. Pairing everyone in the room, the games seek to find the ultimate couples, where the guy knows everything about the gal.

Ivan and Jess won the "perfect couple" title

Heru & Carrine also tie for the first place

These two didn't win, but were enjoying the games nevertheless

These two were not even a couple, but that didn't stop their big smiles at each other

Following the games was the dinner. Thanks to our chef, Liong and Heru, for a very delicious way to end the night!

Ready to eat

"Let [Ivan] sing you a song about this dinner..."

Ah... and of course, group pictures!

The King of Oil Empire + the girls

The brave and courageous knights, with a lady in distress..


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