Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Gadget - Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash

I got this card from Best Buy, it cost me $70 + tax. It was pretty good deal compare to the other stores. At its maximum speed (15 MB/S), this card could only support 4.5 fps; my D200 could go at 5 fps. At this moment, it is ok because 8GB Extreme III card is still way more expensive.

8GB Sandisk CF Ultra II

We went to Comox last long weekend, which was one of the reason why I bought this card. I could shoot the whole day and I only only need to change card once. I will post our Comox trip picture later. Currently, I am still busy with work related stuffs, so I don't have time to select thousand of photos we took. Following is the preview.

Goose Spit Beach

Seal Bay Natural Park


Dhania Ayu Kumara said...

oh it is sooo beautiful... di bikin totally bw juga cakep, without any colours. Nice contrast, Chris!!

closari said...

thank you cik :)