Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hotpot Party at Pak Stef's House

We just had a hotpot party last weekend, it is part of our IEC Ichtus Youth Fellowship Event (i.e. acara Komisi Pemuda GII). Liong and Jimmy are the main chef for this hotpot party; they are also helped by Mega, Jessica, Pak Pancha dan Ibu Sumanti. Here are some pics I took during the event.

Liong with the creation, Jimmy is hiding

Mega is helping out

Jessica is helping out too

The ingredients

The utensils

The spices

Meat Eater and the Crew

Lagi pada "ngamuk" ngambil makanan

Group Picture (gaya dharma wanita)

Group picture, Olivia kept pressing the camera remote (ada aja yg masih terus berpose :))

It is fun event. Thanks to Ichtus group for organizing it.


Anonymous said...

good2. lol

ogautama said...

Hey!! I was pressing the remote. How come I wasn't looking at the camera?