Monday, June 2, 2008

Hard Drive Failed

This last weekend was a bit crazy. I woke up Saturday finding that one of our server drive failed. This drive contained all photos and various Coniques projects, and I haven't had chance to perform backup in the last 6 months. It seems that there is power spiked the night before that caused the break power circuitry in the USB external enclosure.

I tried to read the drive by connecting it to my workstation through SATA cable. No luck. Windows still did not assign any drive letter to the drive. I opened Disk Management console from Control Panel and found that Windows successfully detected the hard drive. The drive status is healthy and online as well. However, I still have no luck accessing it. It seems that there is something wrong with the drive partition.

I then started googling around to find way for recovering partition and found a program by EaseUS, Data Recovery Wizard. I used it to perform search for lost data in the drive, the search took about 8 hours. The program successfully found all the files and we have to buy additional drive to dump all of the recovered data which took additional 20 hours.

Recovering Process

Now, the drive is back online, and I start to perform backup right away. I will consider adding redundant drive that will mirror the main drive in the future.


ogautama said...

I am surprised you remembered to save screenshot amidst the chaos. ^_^

Anonymous said...

We use R-studio at work for failing hard drive... it's pretty good one.

closari said...

Thanks for the tip Vina, I will look into it.

Anonymous said...

Also, sometimes, the corrupted partition, can be fixed with chkdsk/r
Just another lil simple tip...
I had another hard drive which all the files corrupted because I didn't unplug the hd properly, and chkdsk command fixed them.

ogautama said...

Wow, Vina, good tips! I didn't know that. ^_^