Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Yuhu, it's new year: 1st year anniversary of this blog :) I am going to get married this year, yuhuuu, it's very exciting, so many prepation and it's so hard to do everything remotely (i.e. I am getting married in Makassar but I am currently in Canada)

Looking at the last one year, there are a lot of things that I have accomplished. My goal in improving my technical skills (i.e. electronics and programming) are reached; I have learned so many new skills that made me able to do so many things.

I have started several projects for my Church as well as my home. The goal of these projects are Automation. For Church, I am trying to automate the process of creating Church's bulletin. All bulletin members are assigned task to gather some information. Once the information is obtained, they could submit it on our "Warta Generator System". The system will then produce xml file near the end of week. Adobe InDesign will feed the produced xml file to automatically generate the Bulleting in the pdf format. One main advantage of this system is that all data are logged in database. It will be easier for church management team to retrieve them later in the future for statistical analysis purpose. The project is currently being expanded to handle more than bulletin.

Home Automation Project, I have spent a great amount of time on this project. I am trying to create a smart home, such as intelligent light control, home entertainment system, etc. I have finished developing most of the interface/library (video control, music control, light control, appliance control). It's almost time for me to start adding the intelligence to the system.

Other than technical side, this year, I want to polish my artistic side as well, Coniques hasn't had any new projects for a while now. My first top priority now is to create an unique wedding site for my bride and me :) After this, Coniques is going to take challenge by joining Pak Stef's Easter Drama Project.

One last thing I am trying to improve is my management skill. Sometimes, I have very short term memory and make me forget lot of tasks. I don't like my local Outlook because I cannot access it anywhere easily. I currently have online todo application that I created myself to help me overcoming this problem. Hope it will help and motivate me to keep track and manage my tasks better.

Lot of things to be done, but the things I most looking forward is my wedding mid of this year. Happy New Year All!

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ogautama said...

Hahaha.. can you say "wedding" more often?? =p