Monday, March 26, 2007


I finally had a chance to install Linux on my laptop. Now, my laptop is fully running on Linux; distribution I used is Ubuntu. The installation wizard has improved a lot since 5-6 years ago. Amazingly, it also recognized all hardware in my system. In the past, I remembered trying to go through x86 config file to setup my vga card, installing sound card driver manually, etc.

So far, my experience is pretty good. I have setup all developments tools that I normally used: Java and Netbeans, PHP, Apache, MySQL, GCC. Other than development tools, I do install mplayer to watch movies before sleeping :)

However, I still need Windows to run some tasks. For example, Matlab ( I am still using it eventhough Linux has octave), Adobe Suites ( I am not used to GIMP), and .Net Development Tools (Visual Studio is the IDE that I like the most).

The last one month has been a blast for me. Some cool projects are coming; it's challenging but I do gained a lot of new skills.

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