Monday, February 12, 2007

PHP in Nutshell

What a week ... I just finished coding my brother's company website. The site is developed using PHP which is totally new for me. I could just use some free e-commerce software, however, I want to get some experiences with PHP, as well as adding another ability to my programming skills.

I have experienced with ASP before, so it's actually not that bad to learn PHP. Previously, I learned ASP and finish my company content management system project in a week. This time, I also learned PHP and finish the website in a week.

Based on a week of experience :), I will say that I felt like I have more control with PHP compare to ASP. PHP is more tedious in some ways, because programming ASP in Visual Studio is really easy with all built-in controls. While for PHP, you need to understand more in order to start the programming. Anyway, I might be wrong since this is based on a week of experience.

One bad thing about PHP is that I still could not find an IDE that is as powerful and easy to use as Visual Studio. Following is the screen shot of the website. It's still simple, but it's very dynamic and easy to update. More features will be added in the next release, not sure when :)

Xtremespot Website

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